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Bradford White Serial Numbers

Serial # VersionExampleYear Info
1JC164331831st Position / Letter
Used Prior to 2007
7 Characters
21st Position / Letter
Used after 2007
8 characters
Month is the 2nd letter
Manufacturer WebsiteProduct Manuals
A1984 or 2004January
B1985 or 2005February
C1986 or 2006March
D1987 or 2007April
E1988 or 2008May
F1989 or 2009June
G1990 or 2010July
H1991 or 2011August
J1992 or 2012September
K1993 or 2013October
L1994 or 2014November
M1995 or 2015December
N1996 or 2016
P1997 or 2017
S1998 or 2018
T1999 or 2019
W2000 or 2020
X2001 or 2021
Y2002 or 2022
Z2003 or 2023